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Worldwide Nannies

Elaine Olson
Abbotsford, BC
1 (604) 556-3978
Fax: 1 (604) 556-3970

Elsewhere in Canada:
1 (866) 292-2132

Worldwide Nannies is a professional service agency which can readily respond to your needs.

The cost of a live-in nanny/domestic for more than one child is less than the cost of day care.

The problems associated with raising a family and maintaining a home while pursuing a career are many. Worldwide Nannies can solve this problem by providing you with a capable and caring person to allow you to cope efficiently.

Nannies/Domestics are the professionals that do the job of many. During the course of a work week, a nanny/domestic can be expected to do the following:

A nanny/domestic is an affordable proposition. more working parents are turning towards the live-in system as being the preferable form of child care.

We also offer:

Companions/Housekeepers for the elderly and Live-out, full time and part-time nannies/ domestics.

  • Children who are cared for in their own homes tend to experience less illness than children attending day care

  • Children do not have to be taken out early in the morning and picked up at night.

  • Children have stable, caring relationships with a dependable, competent person in their own environment.

  • Daily housekeeping will be accomplished

  • Parents can have "quality" time when at home.

Throughout Canada and abroad, Worldwide Nannies has put in place recruitment personnel to ensure the nannies/domestics available to you have a genuine love and understanding of children, come from a happy family background and have a sound work record. Our fee to find this ideal person is just 7% of your 12 month contract.

Processing time for Canadian nannies/domestics is almost immediate. Foreign nannies/domestics tale 3 - 6 months from the issue date of the Canadian Government's "Confirmation of Offer of Employment". A foreign nanny/domestic must live-in and work full-time.

Our Services Include:

  • In-home interview in which individual family requirements and job details are covered, including counseling, assistance in setting up a program of stimulating care and overall household routine management.

  • Experienced and perceptive selection and matching of each family with available nannies/domestics selected according to Worldwide Nannies' strict and specific guidelines.

  • Coordination of the nannies/domestics processing and travel arrangements to coincide with required starting date. Supplying interim help until your permanent nanny/domestic is able to begin.

  • Follow-through after placement

  • Three month guarantee.

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